Snowball Metrics

Snowball Metrics are defined and agreed by higher education institutions without being imposed by organizations with potentially distinct aims such as funders and government groups. The aspiration is for these metrics become global standards that enable institutional benchmarking, support institutional decision making, and cover the entire spectrum of research activities.

The agreed and tested methodologies are available free of charge to be used by any organization:

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Project partners

A distinguished group of institutions are sharing their knowledge and insights to define Snowball Metrics.

Following the recommendation outlined by the sector in the 2010 report on Research information management, these institutions are collaborating with an industry supplier, Elsevier, to define metrics  that meet their shared needs for evidence-based decision making.

The project partners are:

University of Oxford
University College London
University of Cambridge
Imperial College London
University of Bristol
University of Leeds
Queen’s University Belfast
University of St Andrews